S. Matthew Huggins L.M.T.

Sports and Injury Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been used for centuries by many cultures for healing the sick and injured. From soldiers and athletes to infants and the elderly. By finding and releasing tight tendons, connective tissue and trigger points in the muscle you can bring balance to the body. Massage Therapy should be viewed as a part of your health regiment. By applying this therapy properly it can increase immune defence, increase range of motion and reduce pain.

"Get Back to Your Optimal Self"

As Humans we are made to endure, to carry on. As ever changing beings we become accustomed to pain, lack of range of motion and to the emotional and physical stress that comes with it. By working with you and your body we are able to help you find the self you once knew. Being able to be unencumbered by pain and lack of movement and regaining the capability to do the activities you love, comes with a sense of pride and accomplishment. By getting back to your optimal self you can be the best for you, your family and everyone you come into contact with. Even perhaps becoming the inspiration for others to better themselves as well.

Giving Back

As a thank you I am pleased to donate one session a month. If you know of a person that we could help with our bodywork submit their story to our email.